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5 Mindful New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, which makes it the perfect time to start living a more mindful life. By making mindful New Year’s resolutions you can connect with your inner self, grow spiritually, and increase your physical fitness. Do you need a few ideas?

Check out these New Year’s resolutions listed below.


Meditate every day. Meditation is a mindful activity that we do not practice enough. Having daily moments of reflection can help you connect with your inner self and reduce stress. This year make a vow to meditate every morning. Make it a special ritual with scented candles, comfy floor pillows, and soft music.

Mother and daughter preparing toys and clothes to donate for charity.Start a mindful journal. Writing down your feelings after a long, stressful day can be very therapeutic. Unfortunately, not enough people nowadays keep a journal. This year, buy a beautiful diary and vow to write in it every day. You can write about your day or use mindful writing prompts to help you get in touch with your feelings. For further, tips try this article.

Perform acts of kindness. Little acts of kindness can help change the world. This year, vow to perform one act of kindness per day. Leave an extra large tip for your waitress, lend a hand at your favorite charity center, or give up your seat to an elderly person during your transit commute. Your acts of kindness will also bring more positive energy into your life.

Stay in the moment. Staying in the present seems like an easy task, but it can be rather difficult. If you’re holding on to regret because of the past or if you’re worried about the future, you tend to overlook the beauty that is happening in the moment. This year vow to slow down and appreciate little moments throughout the day. For instance, savor your breakfast in the morning and really relish the taste.

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Read more. Whether you like self-help books or comical autobiographies, reading is an amazing way to broaden your mind. The average American reads only 12 books a month, so this year strive to read more. Try reading two or more books a month. Also, consider reading more mindful articles that will hopefully enlighten you during this new year.

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