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Become a Savvy Shopper with Shopping Apps

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Get Your Best Deals At Your Finger Tips

Getting the best deal comes with a hefty price your time! All the research and shopping-around takes time from your busy schedule. Recent research suggest that technology could be a time savings solution. Greystripe reports that 66 percent of moms use smartphones when shopping. And BIA/Kelsey research says that 97 percent of all consumers use online media to research products. So, with the right shopping apps you can enjoy your shopping experience and save major bucks.

Here Are a Few Savvy Shopper Apps

  1. Apps for Organization. Tired of keeping up with coupons or rewards cards? No problem. With apps like Coupon Sherpa, all the coupons you would find online or with your newspaper can be found on your phone. No printing required. And apps like Key Ring can keep all of your reward cards organized on your phone.
  2. Apps for Research. Ever been in a store aisle wondering if you could get the same item at a cheaper price somewhere else? Well, wonder no more. Apps such as Red Laser and ShopSavvy can scan a barcode of any product and compare prices at stores and online. Plus, apps like Milo Local Shopping can also tell you which stores in your area has the product in stock.
  3. Apps for Rewards. Some smartphone apps can actually make you money. Apps such as shopkick and CheckPoints let you earn points simply by walking in certain stores like Target and Best Buy or by scanning certain items with your phone’s camera. Over time the points add up, earning you gift cards or cool gadgets.
  4. Apps for Calculations. If you want to know the true value of a sale maybe you should try these apps that do the math for you. Sale Saver Calculator and Sale & Discount Calculator app helps you keep track of all the sales, discounts, and coupons, leaving you with your final total (including tax).
  5. Bonus Apps. These bonus shopping apps keep you frugal and environmentally conscious. The iGarageSale app helps you find a local garage sale listed on Craigslist. The GoodGuide app can tell you a product’s ‘health, environmental, and social performance’ ratings by scanning a barcode or using the GoodGuide search engine.

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