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    • S.E.L.F. Care During a Hurricane
      It's hurricane season. Besides physically getting ready -- stocking up supplies, securing property and even evacuating, how can you get emotionally prepared for this 900-mile megastorm? Stress caused by natural disasters can negatively affect your physical and emotional well-being. Yet through mindfulness and S.E.L.F. Care, you can ensure that you weather this storm (and any...
    • Galentine’s Day
      Galentine’s Day
      Galentine's Day The day before Valentine’s Day there is Galentine’s Day! What started off as a clever storyline on the NBC show, Parks and Recreation, has become a much beloved holiday. On Galentine's Day women gather together and celebrate the other women in their lives. It's lots of fun and a sweet way to celebrate the friends in...
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      Say No to Rock Salt
      With unseasonably cold weather, snow and ice have dominated our landscape. As wonderful the view, rock salt-- what we generally use to de-ice-- is actually creating havoc to our environment. 90% of salt, or sodium chloride, enters the soil as runoff and wind up in our waterways. It causes damages to vegetation, poisons animals and...
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      Top 5 Romantic Destinations
      Thinking about taking a romantic holiday? There are tons of destinations options out there. Towns with historical significance and exciting nightlife to cities with picturesque landscapes and local romantic legends. In order to truly have a relaxing and romantic time, you’ll need to find the best romantic destinations that fit you as a couple. Though...
    • national apricot day, apricot day, apricot
      National Apricot Day
      It's National Apricot Day, a day that honors a tasty fruit that is great for your health. Apricots are full of vitamin A and vitamin C, which can help promote better eye health and keep your immune system functioning properly. They also have some potassium and fiber, which is great for your body as well. Apricots...

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