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Gift Ideas for Picky Friends

by MLN Staff
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There is always that one person on your gift list that is impossible to shop for. Either they’re extremely picky about their gifts or they always seem to have everything.

This year don’t be discouraged, try the Mindful gift ideas for picky friends.

  1. Concentrate on their hobbies. Maybe they enjoy baking, playing an instrument, camping, or collecting antiques or shoes. Try giving a gift that would complement their everyday activities like tickets, books, or equipment. For a saxophone player try buying tickets to a jazz concert. Consider books for the cook or the collector.
  2. Subscribe to their interests. If you can’t recall their hobbies focus on their interests. If they enjoy movies buy a subscription to Netflix or a membership at a local movie theater. If they prefer reading, buy a subscription to their favorite magazine or newspaper. If they love video games give them a subscription to Gamefly. If they love food/beer/wine, there are membership clubs you can sign them up to where they receive monthly goodies.
  3. Personalize! When in doubt, personalize. A coffee mug filled with candy canes will seem even more special when a cherished picture is decorated on the cup. A blanket becomes extra cozy when their name is embellished on it. Luckily, there are many personalized options you can find online so the possibilities are endless.
  4. Give them the best gift. You! Offering up a personal service as a Christmas gift is also a great idea. Maybe you can babysit the kids while the parents get a must needed rest. Volunteer to help with their yard work. Or offer to cook them a meal (washing dishes included).

If you still are not sure what to get this special person try asking for a wish list and use that as a guide when you are shopping. If you want to keep it a surprise, try gift cards or money. No matter what you buy remember to attach a gift receipt just in case .

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