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Make a Green Pledge

With a new year many Americans take steps to improve their lives. Taking a green pledge will not only help the planet, it will also help ensure that you’ll have a healthier year.

Here are 14 tips for your green pledge


Green lights

 To start a sustainable year, replace old light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights. It’s simple and you’ll be saving energy.

Go Paperless I

 Skip the paper towels and pull out washable towels instead. You’ll save money and the environment simultaneously.

Go Paperless II

 Receiving catalogs or newsletters you no longer want? Have your address taken off the mailing list. Also save paper by having bills sent to your inbox versus your mailbox.

Reusable Bags

 They reduce the amount of plastic bags that end up in the landfill and many stores give you a discount for bringing your own bag.

Reusable Containers

Some cafés offer discounts for bringing your own mug. By bringing your own Tupperware to restaurants you’ll reduce doggie bag waste.

Plastic Bottle Revolt

Vow to never buy another bottled water again. Instead, take your own reusable bottles with you.

Recharge batteries

 If you go through lots of batteries consider getting rechargeable ones. NiMH batteries will last longer and save you money.

Try a cold wash

 The Daily Green says that 90 percent of a washing machine’s energy is used to heat the water. Wash your clothes in cold water to save energy.

Buy used

 Looking for a book or DVD? Buy used and get a great deal.


Before you throw out old items (like an old sweater or chipped mug) consider “upcycling” or re-purposing it into something new. With a few helpful tips you can turn your old sweater into a stuffed dog bed or your mug into a decorative candle.

Invest in your green thumb

Save money on organic produce by growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Gardening is a great source of exercise and it’ll cut down on paper and packaging waste.

Rethink transport

 Consider commuting to work or taking public transportation a few times a week. It’ll reduce your CO2 emissions and the amount of gas you use.

Go outside

Spend more time outdoors this year. You’ll get fresh air and exercise while cutting down on your energy and light bills.

Be a green cheerleader

This year encourage your neighbors, coworkers, and friends to go green too! Write letters to local politicians about environmental problems in your area.

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