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Save For Your Vacation

With the weather getting warmer with every passing day, people are already starting to plan for their summer vacations. Unfortunately, summer trips are quite popular so they can get expensive. To get the most from your vacation budget, you’ll need the right saving tips.

So, exactly how busy can you expect the tourist destinations to be in the summer? According to an American Express survey, 81 percent of Americans (198 million) plan to take summer vacations. It can also be quite expensive. The average summer vacation costs $1,180 per person. That’s over $4,700 for an average family of four.

Listed below are seven Mindful saving tips to keep costs down during summer traveling:


Doing thorough research beforehand can help you find great deals and coupons. Pre-booking your accommodations and your transportation is a given, but don’t forget your traveling activities. Booking in advance can help you save money on museums, theme parks, and other tourist activities.

Know where and when to travel

Knowing where to go is the best way save money. Popular destinations can be quite costly, so it’s important to be flexible. You can find off-season summer vacation deals like Las Vegas and the Bahamas here and here. It’s also best to avoid traveling during holidays like the July 4th and Memorial Day in which 43 percent of Americans travel or go on vacation.

Pack light

Airlines’ baggage costs continue to rise so get in the habit of packing light. Come up with a thorough list of what you need with a Mindful app and review it weeks in advance. Do your best to keep extra, unneeded supplies from your luggage.

Rethink your transportation

To save major bucks on airfare try booking your flight six weeks in advance, no more and no less. Also, save money by buying your tickets on Tuesdays and flying out on Wednesdays. Skip the rental cars and cabs; take public transportation (buses or the subway) instead. It’s eco-friendly and cost-efficient. If these means are not available consider riding a bicycle.

Where to stay

You can find a lot of great deals on hotels on the Internet, but for better savings consider hostels. You can book a private room at a cheaper rate than you could at a hotel. For longer visits, consider renting an apartment or house.

Approach meals differently

If you plan on vacationing for a long time and you have access to a kitchen, consider buying supplies from a local grocery store and making your own meals. It’s cheaper. Or consider making lunch your largest meal of the day as lunch menus are generally 25 percent cheaper than dinner meals.

Travel in groups

One of the best ways to stretch your budget and still guarantee a fun trip is to invite others. Consider traveling with extended family members or friends in order to share travel costs and get group discount deals.

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