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The Perfect Apps for Your Busy Summer

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Be Prepared For Summer With the Right Apps

Ready for the summer? You’ll need the perfect apps for all your seasonal activities. Fortunately, with the right smartphone or iPad apps you can be prepared for any summer vacation.

Perfect Apps For Your Summer Activities

At a Barbeque or Picnic

 Need recipes for your barbeque or picnic like for pork or seafood? Consider the Grill-It app. Don’t let the rain stall your day. Download the Weather Channel app so you can anticipate any bad weather. And to end the night by gazing at the stars, consider apps like Sky Map  or Space Junk Pro to identify the stars.

At the Beach

Planning on going surfing? Consider the Surfline app, which gives accurate surf reports and forecasts at 140 U.S. locations. Want to read on the beach? Consider the Kindle app, so you won’t have to carry around multiple books. And prevent sunburn with the Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference app. It can compute the UV forecast in your location.

At a Festival

Are you hoping to go to a festival this summer? Consider the World Festival Guide app. It has a list of descriptions, pictures, dates, and costs for 200 different festivals from around the world. At a music festival and want to identify a band’s song? Consider the Shazam app, which can identify a song in seconds. Need to find a restroom? Consider Charmin’s new app called Sit or Squat, which lists clean public restrooms all over the country.

On a Road Trip

 If you’re going on a road trip you’re going to need some tunes. Consider apps like Spotify or Pandora where you can create your own jukebox or radio station. For a successful road trip you’ll also need to find cheap gas, so consider the GasBuddy app. Another app you may need is the Scout GPS app. You’ll get directions, traffic updates, and find things to do along the way like shopping, eating at a restaurant or watching a movie.

Other Fun Summer Activities

 This summer, why not go to a drive-in movie? You even let the Find Nearest Drive-In Movie Theatre app be your guide. Want to partake in a fun outdoor activity? Consider the OhRanger! app. It will help you find a nearby park for things like hiking, climbing, or bird watching.


 Want to keep track of all the fun you’re having this summer? Consider getting the Trip Journal app. With this app you can “track, record, and document” your all the fun elements of your trip (like pictures, videos or notes) and share them with family and friends through Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.

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