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Tips for Building Strong Relationships

by MLN Staff

Bad habits like keeping your feelings to yourself or bickering with your mate can have disastrous consequences in a relationship. However, taking the time to develop healthy habits can help you build a stronger bond.

According to Mayo Clinic research, the right bond between two people can reduce stress, prevent loneliness, increase your sense of purpose and improve your quality of life. However, a fulfilling relationship doesn’t bloom overnight. Joe Wilner, a life coach, says that a strong relationship is built with five key building blocks: commitment, compassion, generosity, kindness, and tolerance.

Tips for Building Strong Relationships

If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship, check out the healthy relationship habits listed below.

  1. Healthy habits for commitment. A strong relationship requires a couple’s time and combined effort. Consider making a habit of working together on the little things like preparing dinner, paying bills, doing yard work or even recycling. Also consider starting new, combined projects (like home improvement), taking up a shared hobby, having a date night, or planning a trip together.
  2. Healthy habits for compassion. Intimacy can help you develop compassion in a relationship. You can build upon this by simply going to bed at the same time and falling asleep together. Or consider making time for pillow talk with your partner.
  3. Healthy habits for generosity. Negotiations and compromises are important for every relationship, but every now and again consider a more generous approach. Consider walking the dog even though it’s your spouse’s turn or letting your partner pick the restaurant for your next meal together.
  4. Healthy habits for kindness. Little acts of kindness go a long way. Consider buying small, surprise treats for your partner (like their favorite snack or drink). Also, everyone loves a little praise. Make a habit of telling your partner how much you appreciate them. Give them specific examples and details; they make all the difference.
  5. Healthy habits for tolerance. We could all be a little more open-minded. Consider making a habit of listening respectfully to your partner’s concerns. Another part of getting along with your spouse means respecting your differences. Consider making a habit of learning and participating in your partner’s interests.

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