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3 Innovations that Changed Our Lives

by MLN Staff
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Can you imagine how people felt when electricity was introduced? How about cars and planes? Technology continues to change the way we live, and it all starts with our brains.

British scientist, Baroness Susan Greenfield, wrote a Daily Mail article about our evolving brains. It’s said that the “surrounding environment has a huge impact on the way our brains develop.” And this isn’t a new discovery; “human brains have been changing, adapting and developing in response to outside stimuli for centuries.” However, as our world becomes increasingly tech-savvy, how are these innovations evolving our lives?

One thing is for sure, we definitely can’t get away from this technology. A Pew Research Center study shows that most American adults are connected to techie devices like cell phones (85 percent), desktop computers (59 percent) and MP3 players (47 percent). The constant stimuli have evolved the way we travel, communicate, learn and entertain ourselves.

Here are the top 3 technological innovations that have changed the way we live mindfully:

GPS technology

 Ever since the government removed selective availability on GPS this technology can be found everywhere. The annual GPS equipment revenues in North America averaged $33.5 billion between 2005- 2010. It has changed the way we travel. With a quick touch we can get directions, find points of interest from a gas station to a local monument and start new adventures. GPS technology not only keeps us from getting lost, it also helps us keep our personal belongings, pets and kids from getting lost.


 Emails, texts and tweets have become a dominant mode of communication. While they’re definitely useful, they don’t make up for important communication losses like eye contact, body language and voice inflection. Web camera programs like Skype, Google Talk, iChat and FaceTime are challenging that. One in five Americans make video calls via their cell phones and computers. It’s now possible for people to communicate with their voice and physical gestures which enhance relationships no matter how far apart people live.


 Tablets are the newest gadgets on the rise. Fifty-five million Americans use tablets, a 63 percent jump from last year. They  make gaining and sharing knowledge easier. They’ve impacted the way we share information in fields like business, education, energy, government and healthcare. Tablets are also loads of fun. The same gadget that allows you to read books, learn languages and study chemical elements can also help you watch movies, create videos and play games.

Notice how all these advances bring each of us together as a community? Want to learn more about how technological innovations are changing our lives? Consider these ABC News and MSN reports.

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