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4 Must Have Charitable Apps

by MLN Staff

You can use your smartphone to positively impact the world. All you need are a few helpful  charity apps. Millions of Americans give billions of dollars to charity every year. According to Charity Navigator, $373 billion was donated to charitable causes last year. These charitable funds go to an array of different organizations—some of the top causes include religious institutions, educational programs, human services, foundations, and health-based causes. Now giving to charities has gotten easier than ever with the plethora of charity apps that are have been developed.

In the list below, you’ll find four charity apps that you should consider downloading.

One Today.

This app takes the hassle out of donating. With a tap of a finger, you can donate $1 to some amazing programs. You can help give dog food to service dogs in training or help classrooms in Nepal get school supplies. The $1 donation may seem small, but 100 percent of your money goes straight to the charity and you can encourage others to match your donation through the app. At the end of the year, you even get a tax receipt with the list of all of your donations.

Donate a Photo.

Do you want to give to charities, but you lack the funds? Are you constantly taking pictures with your phone? Turn your love for selfies into a charitable donation. Johnson & Johnson has an app called Donate a Photo. For every photo that you share through the app, Johnson & Johnson will make a charitable donation to an organization that you want to support. With your photos, you can help charities such as Girl Up, The Trevor Project, or Sight for Kids. You can share one photo a day and the photos are collected in the Donate a Photo Gallery that people can view.

Give 2 Charity.

 With this app, you can donate to some of your favorite charities without using your own money. As you carry around your phone the app tracks your location data for analysis purposes. In return, you earn points that can be transferred into charitable funds. Some of the charities that the Give 2 Charity app gives to include Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

Charity Miles.

With Fitbit, you track your steps to reach your health goals. With the Charity Miles app, you track your walks, runs, and biking sessions and earn money for charities. For every mile you move, Humana, Johnson & Johnson or Chobani will make a donation to one of your chosen charities. Some of the charities that you can donate to include Stand Up to Cancer, World Wildlife Fund, the Special Olympics, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Special Bonus

 If you have access to iTunes, there is another way for you to make donations to charities. For the past week, Apple has launched the Games for (RED) program. You can buy any of the 20 participating game apps and 100 percent of the money will go the (RED) program to fight AIDS. Some of the participating apps include Angry Birds 2, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, FIFA Mobile Soccer, and MARVEL Contest of Champions. This campaign ends tomorrow, December 6th, so get started shopping now.

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