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4 Recycling Projects To Try

It’s National Recycling Month—the perfect time to rethink our waste. With a little ingenuity, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes can easily be “upcycled” and turned into something completely different. This weekend, transform former waste into useful accessories for your home and wardrobe with these recycling projects.

4 Recycling Projects You’ve Got to Try

Design a Fashionable Accessory

Do have an old t-shirt that no longer fits or has an embedded stain? Turn it into a necklace! You can cut the t-shirt into ribbons, layer the pieces into a statement necklace, and fasten them together with cord fasteners and a clasp and chain. Interested in making this necklace? Check out these DIY recycle necklace instructions from Frugal-nomics.

Make a Bed for Your Pet

Have a flat tire that you have no use for? Turn it into a pet bed. All you need is an old tire, some spray paint, and a round pet bed or cushion. After you clean the tire and allowed it to dry, you can paint it a color that matches your home décor. Fill it with a pet cushion and your little Figo or Fluffy will have a comfy spot of their own. You can find more information about this DIY recycled pet bed at Practically Functional.

Create a Hanging Planter

We seem to use so many plastic bottles nowadays. If you have some that need to be recycled create your own hanging planters with them instead. All you have to do is cut open and clean your old plastic bottles. After you’ve dried them, you can paint a pattern on them using painter’s tape to make a design. Then punch some holes into the plastic and use yarn to hang your new plastic planter. You’ll love it! For more information, check out the DIY plastic planter instructions as Momtastic.

Use Cardboard Boxes to Get Organized

Cardboard boxes—from cereal boxes to tea boxes—can all be repurposed for home organization. All you have to do is cut the boxes into your desired shape and then cover the boxes with glue and leftover wallpaper, wrapping paper, or colorful stationery. The final product is a decorative organization system. You can use these boxes to hold magazines, makeup brushes, office supplies, and more. For more details on DIY cardboard organizers, check out One Crazy House.


Want more ideas for recycling projects? You can take that bread maker you never use and transform it into an electronic docking station for your desk or entryway. For further instructions, check out the article on upcycled items for the office. Do you have an old Christmas sweater you’re never going to wear? Transform it into a cozy rug or a jacket for your dog. For more ideas, read this article on upcycled holiday gifts.

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