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4 Super Cute DIY Pet Beds

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You love your pet! They give you warm kisses on cold mornings, the cuddle with you when you’re feeling down, and their crazy antics provide you with hours of entertainment. What’s not to love? In honor of National Pet Month, we’ve come up with a great idea for spoiling your pet. Create a homemade pet bed for them!

You can make a pet bed to fit your décor and your pet’s needs. Ready to get started? Check out the cool tutorials listed below.

4 Fun DIY Pet Beds

 DIY Pet Dresser Bed

Do you have an old dresser that you no longer need? Consider upcycling it! With a little sandpaper, paint, and ingenuity, you can turn that old piece of furniture into a showstopper, a sort of home base for your pet.

In the following tutorial, Jenna Wood from Momma Told Me Blog bought a thrift store cabinet and completely transformed it into a dog cabinet. She took off the hinged doors and left a drawer at the bottom. After painting and adding some bedding and hooks on the side, the final bed is the perfect space for her pet to sleep. It even offers storage for pet food, toys, and leashes.

Pet Dresser Drawer Bed

Need an outdoor bedding area for your pet? Consider taking a drawer from the dresser and transforming it into an outdoor pet bed. Roeshel from the blog DIY Show Off created a very cute patio bed for the use of her pooch (and sometimes her cat). For the bed, she uses an old dresser drawer, furniture feet, paint, and a DIY pet pillow. The final product is a sturdy bed that’s elevated from the ground, which can help keep bugs out of the bed. Plus, it can easily be used indoors or outdoors.

A Relaxing Pet Hammock

Maybe your pet already has a bed that they enjoy. If so, that doesn’t mean you can’t create another special spot for your pet to relax in. A pet hammock is a great solution for that. This DIY project from The Handcrafted Life is very simple. For this pet hammock, all you need are some pieces of PVC pipes, 1/2 a yard of fleece, and needle and thread or a sewing machine. The PVC pipes serve as the frame for the hammock and the fleece creates the hanging bed. This hammock can be easily put together and taken apart for cleaning purposes. It’s cool and super cozy.

Pet Sweater Bed

This is by far, one of the easiest beds that you can create—no thrift store furniture and no PVC pipes. All you need is an unused hoodie or sweater, a pillow or cushion filling, a blanket or fabric material, and sewing supplies (scissors, a thick needle, pins, and thread/yarn). You simply make the bed by stuffing the sweater with the pillow or cushion and sewing the openings shut. Then you arrange the arms and the hood (if applicable) to create a circular bed. Are you interested in reading more details? Check out this tutorial from Handimania.

Whether you choose the grand dresser bed or the comfy sweater pillow, your pet will definitely appreciate your hard work. And with all the unconditional love they give you every day, your little Fluffy or Figo is definitely worth the effort.

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