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5 Mindful Company Perks

A Mindful company is a business that invests in their employees. Raises and bonuses are the usual job sweeteners, but these aren’t always affordable options for small businesses. This is where perks come in handy. With the right perks, you can boost company morale and create a more mindful working environment.

Raises don’t necessarily make for a happy employee. According to a Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey, 79 percent of employees prefer additional benefits to a pay increase. The survey found that the top-valued perks were healthcare insurance, vacation/paid time off, and paid sick days. A 401(k) plan, a retirement plan, and/or pension were also greatly appreciated.

Want more tips beyond the ones featured above?

Five mindful company perks  that will aid your business and your employees.

  • Free or small benefits. Free gym memberships, the occasional free lunch, complimentary breakfast (coffee), or casual dress code can make a great difference with employees. A series of small treats shows that you care not just about their work about them as people, too.
  • Flexible hours. Strict nine-to-five hours don’t work for everyone. Offering flexible working times for your employees is a surefire way to attract and keep the best talent. Work-from-home days and half days are two common solutions. Flexible hours will allow employees to achieve work-life balance, the key to a mindful life.
  • Tuition, class, or conference reimbursement. Seeking out knowledge is also important for a mindful life. You have the power to give your employees this with tuition, class, or conference reimbursement. When your employees want to further their education it’s a plus for both them and your company, as your business will definitely benefit from the new skills that they will learn.
  • Sabbatical. Sabbatical benefits are usually found on university campuses, but more and more companies are making them a part of their company culture. Giving your employees a one-time paid sabbatical (for a month or two) will give them the chance to travel, complete something on their Mindful bucket list, or pursue their dreams. It could make a mindful difference in their life, and the employees will come back recharged and ready to make a difference at your company.
  • Bring your pet to work days. Having four-legged friends in the office can truly cheer everyone up. It’s been said that animals in the office can help relieve stress and improve communication. So, why not consider having a regular Take Your Pet to Work Day? If you need planning tips, try this article.

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