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5 Top Travel Resolutions You Should Make in the New Year

The world is a magnificent place, but if we spend most of our lives sitting in our cubicles, we could miss it. This year, make travel one of your priorities. Create a list of your top travel resolutions for the year.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the guide below.

Why Make a Travel Resolution?

If a person makes a New Year’s resolution, it’s typically about health or self-care. Keeping these resolutions is tough enough, so creating a travel resolution may seem unrealistic, but you’d be mistaken.

Let’s say you have this desire to travel abroad. The idea is stuck in your head, but you don’t act on it. In short, your idea is just a wish. But putting your ideas on paper, doing research and telling other people about your intention to travel turns your wish into a plan—a plan you are more likely to achieve. That’s why making travel resolutions is so important.

Make Your Travel Resolution Visual

Don’t just scribble your travel resolutions on a random sheet of paper. Create a visual reminder of your travel plans. You can create a vision board using pictures of the places you want to see. Hang your vision board somewhere in your home as a daily reminder of your goal. Or you can start a travel journal to help you plan your next vacation. Using colorful art supplies, charts, and diagrams, you’ll turn planning your travels into a fun, relaxing activity.

5 Top Travel Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

Going to a new continent or visiting all 50 states of America are top travel resolutions that many of us make, but with time constraints and financial costs, they are sometimes hard to achieve in a year. When making your travel resolutions, it’s important to set goals that are feasible. Listed below are just a few ideas to help you get started.

  1. Use a new mode of transportation. Do you normally fly or drive to your holiday destination? This year, why not shake things up a bit? See if you can take a train or book a mini cruise to your final destination. Remember getting there is half the fun!
  2. Try new foods. This can be particularly hard if you’re a picky eater, but it’s still achievable. Research local foods before you leave for your trip and approach meals with an open mind.
  3. Try new activities. Skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, or salsa dancing—no matter where you go, use your vacation as an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.
  4. Go on a solo trip. Whether it’s a weekend excursion out of town or a grand two-week vacation, there is so much you can learn about yourself from a solo trip. If you get the opportunity, consider giving it a try.
  5. Go somewhere new. This one should be the easiest to achieve, so set parameters for yourself. It can be somewhere new out of town, out of state, or out of your national region. The choice is up to you.


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