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6 DIY Gym Bag Essentials

Every athlete needs a properly planned and packed gym bag. The right tools and equipment can make even a gym novice feel like a workout warrior.

Here are some handy DIY gym bag ideas to help you transform an average gym bag into a perfect workout kit

Keep your bag smelling fresh

With all the sweaty clothes, gym bags tend not to smell great. You can change that with DIY gym bag fresheners. All you need are laundry scent boosters in a cloth or mesh bag. These little laundry pellets will keep your bag smelling fresh.

Disinfect your sports equipment

From balls to yoga mats, it’s important to disinfect your gym equipment. The bacteria that breeds on sports equipment can lead to infections. You can make your own antibacterial/anti fungal spray with warm water, white vinegar, and essential oils such as mint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil.  Also you can even add a little dish soap as well. You can find further instructions here.

Make your own smartphone armband

When you exercise do you use music apps on your smartphone? If so, you’re probably having trouble juggling your smartphone while you exercise. A DIY smartphone armband can make all the difference. All you need is a tube sock (8-inches or longer) and scissors with a quick snip you can create a quick armband that will keep your phone on your upper arm and out of your way. You can find further instructions here.

Create your own workout journal

Do you keep track of all of your hard work at the gym? You should! You can create your own workout journal using a few workout printouts such as these. Or you can buy a blank diary and turn it into a bullet workout journal. The data that you keep track of can really help with your exercise routine.

Stay energized after your workout

If you tend to get hungry after your workout, keep energizing snacks in your gym bags. These “no bake” energy snacks are food items made with oatmeal, almond butter, toasted coconut, chocolate chips, and honey, and/or flax seed. They are delicious and nutritious! Here’s the recipe.

Make your own vitamin water

To go along with your energy snacks, be sure to keep a bottle of vitamin water on hand. You can buy vitamin water or make your own infused water using a special infused bottle and fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. With a few simple tips, you can create a variety of water flavors, such as kiwi, lime, and cucumber water or blueberry and sage water.

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