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Are You Eco-Friendly?

With the current state of climate change, Mother Earth needs all the help she can get. A recent study shows that most Americans consider themselves “environmentally conscious,” unfortunately few actually are.

In March 2016, a Trulia/Harris Poll survey was conducted with 2,000 American participants. The research showed that 79 percent of Americans considered themselves friends of the environment. Most reported that they “consider the environment in their actions” at least once a day. While this is great, there is bad news as well. Only 26 percent of Americans actually do more for the environment than recycling and turning off unused lights. While these are great first steps there is more that can be done to help the planet.

In the survey, the participants listed many ways in which they believed Americans could further help the environment. They include:

  • Buying energy efficient home appliances (56 percent)
  • Making energy efficient home upgrades (55 percent)
  • Living in a smaller home (16 percent)

Some of these options can be expensive—for instance, most people aren’t prepared to move into another home even if it can protect the environment. Fortunately, these aren’t the only ways we can help the planet. Be a true friend of Mother Nature—go beyond recycling! Listed below are a couple of go green tips that can help you become a more environmentally conscious individual.

  1. Start composting. Composting can make all the difference for your garden, but it’s also great for your environment. When compostable materials end up in the landfill it gets trapped underneath the trash and produces methane, a greenhouse gas. If we all compost at home instead of throwing away food waste we could reduce this greenhouse gas. Composting is easier than you think when you use these five composting tips.
  2. Plan a green commute. Around 31 percent of Americans’ carbon dioxide release comes from fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. Cutting down on your driving and planning a green commute can help the environment. Consider carpooling to work, using a bicycle to run errands, or taking public transit. You can find more helpful tips in this Mindful article.

Bonus. There are other easy ways to incorporate go green practices into your everyday life. Read this Mindful article for six more tips.

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