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8 Tips for a New Beginning

by MLN Staff
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Most of us are living lives rooted in fear instead of trust. We fear having no money, losing a person we love, losing our job, losing our health, etc. The list goes on and on. Today is time for a new beginning  so start with confidence and true trust in your destiny.

Here are some tips to help you get moving into your new beginning:

No Fear

Fear can keep you from completing your dreams, so set up a system of support that knows that you have made this decision to change. To reduce fear put inspirational quotes in your office. Place sources of support in your computer and keep positive Internet sites available.

Support System

Make sure you have a support system. Families are traditional sources of support, but they aren’t your only options. Try organizations like the businesswomen’s organization the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), local community groups, book clubs, or hobby clubs for help.


For a new beginning, turn to your friends for help. Create a network of friends who know your goal and will support you with your new endeavors.

Weekly Meetings

Set aside some time every week for motivational talks with someone you trust. Having an inspirational moment with staff, family, or whoever in your life is meaningful can do wonders for your life goals.

Personal Space

Establish personal identity at home or work. Create your own little space and include pictures, a candle, inspirational sayings or your favorite inspirational book. Use this space to relax.

Spiritual Practices

Connecting to your soul and your spirituality can help you grow as a person and start a new beginning. Try taking a class to learn yoga, tai chi, chi gong, meditation  either online or at a local community center.

Nourish (Mind, Body, Soul)

To improve your overall well being, read or play puzzles as often as possible in order to nourish your mind. Exercising, taking a baths, aromatherapy, or having a pedicure are all ways to help nourish your body. Not your cup of tea? Try watching an inspirational movie instead.


If you are having trouble with your finances, this is a good time to get some help. There are lots of online sources, books, and classes you can take to learn to take charge of your financial life. We also have some other great financial tips on our site in our Mindful Money section.  Consider personal finance services as well.

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