Fun Fall Activities

fun fall activities, fall things to do

Research shows our children are more stressed than ever these days and this put too much pressure on the family unit. One of the best healing balms for family stress is play. Trying to incorporate play into daily family activities can make a great difference and, fortunately, this is a great time for fun fall activities.

7 Fun Fall Activities for Families

Listed below are some fall things to do this season.

  1. Decorating. Make or purchase inexpensive Halloween characters and put them up around the house for fun. For the rest of the fall season, use pinecones, colorful leaves, pumpkins, and acorns to decorate. Make the decorating sessions family play time.
  2. Cooking. For Halloween, bake frightening cookies in the shapes of vampires, ghosts or other creepy characters. The family can ice them and have a contest for decorating the scariest cookie. Also, consider making your own apple cider or cinnamon rolls to celebrate the season.
  3. Party planning. Have a family seasonal party. It’ll be a great time for everyone to play, especially when we are all facing such tremendous stress these days. Invite your children’s friends, their parents, and the neighbors. Have each home in the neighborhood sign up for a play area. Play areas can include apple bobbing, cakewalks, and other outside family games.
  4. ClothingDesign or purchase adorable Halloween shirts to wear. Try new hats and coats this season to welcome the cooler weather. Donate the old clothing to a local charity shop.
  5. Carve pumpkins. Don’t forget the revered tradition of making a jack-o-lantern. Get the neighborhood in the festive mood. For younger kids that cannot carve, consider letting them draw on the pumpkins with colorful sharpies. When you’re done, place your family’s creation on the front porch.
  6. Fall festivals. During this time of year, there are a lot of fall festivals for families to enjoy. Hayrides, pumpkin picking, corn mazes, fun music, art and craft activities, and festival treats (like corn on the cob or turkey legs) are a great way for the family to unwind.
  7. Seasonal crafts. There are many great seasonal arts and craft projects that the whole family can try. Older kids can try knitting a scarf for the cooler weather. Younger kids can make candle holders out of painted, carved out gourds and small pumpkins.