The Mindful Living Network®

The Mindful Living Network® gathers people into a global CommUNITY to provide original print and video content on a multi-platform network to educate, entertain and enlighten. Our platform allows people to share information, resources, and experiences to support each other in all aspects of sustainability and Mindful Living.    

Our Mission

Knowledge is our Mission

The Mindful Living Network® seeks to gather people into a global community. We connect people to information, education, inspiration and cooperation that empowers them to live a mindful life, healing ourselves and our planet.

The Mindful Living Network® is grounded in science, rooted in spirituality and independent of religious, political, or cultural bias.

The Mindful Living Network® is dedicated to inspiring each person to live mindfully in every facet of their life; mentally, physically, economically, spiritually, socially and environmentally.

We are planting the seeds for a Mindful Revolution to save ourselves and our planet.


Why Mindful Living?

Mindful Living: The awareness that every thought, word and action affects you, the environment, and society. Mindfulness is a global principle uniting our world beyond borders, race, politics, religions, spiritualities and economics. Mindful Living is the practice of living daily with greater awareness that the choices we make impact every aspect of our lives. Learning the tools to live mindfully increases health, happiness and meaning while also reducing stress.

Challenge: Our current global climate of individualism, fear, disrespect, and isolation is destroying humankind and our planet globally. We are one human family woven together in an infinite tapestry beyond comprehension. We are not Lord over nature but in symbiosis with the natural world which we are destroying. As we destroy her we destroy ourselves. Her destruction is our own.

Opportunity: Herein lies a massive opportunity to shed light, direction and education to billions of citizens around the world about how to live mindfully to create health, happiness and meaning in their lives.

Why Us?

About Us

The Mindful Living Network®is a lifestyle media brand on a multi-platform network with original content dedicated to inspiring each person to live mindfully in every facet of their life; mentally, physically, economically, spiritually, socially and environmentally. We are planting the seeds for a global Mindful Revolution to save ourselves and our planet. Research shows social networks support healthy behavior. They provide social support, influence attitudes and provide opportunities for connection and action.

  • First to Market

    We are the first company to provide this service and the subsequent products that fill the need for people to learn and share how to live mindfully in all aspects of your life.


Why You

Benefits to You

  • Impact Investment

    The Mindful Living Network® is a perfect impact investment. The world is overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed which creates dire health consequences. The World Health Organization stated by 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability in the world. We need global leadership, guidance, and information on how to live sustainable, mindful lives in all aspects of living these days. We are the global source for this Mindful Movement spreading across the world.


Our Assets

The Mindful Living Network® is a multi-platform lifestyle media brand with original content dedicated to inspiring every person to live mindfully in all aspects of their life; mentally, physically, economically, socially and environmentally.

In 2008, Mindful Living® and mindfulness were fringe concepts, but over time these concepts have become a core tenant of our health, relationships, work, family, society and the environment. We are the first company to provide the wide variety of services and products that fill the need for Mindful Living®.

1. The Mindful Living Network’s diverse team.

Kathleen Hall - Founder, CEO
Our diverse, passionate, brilliant, loving team

2. Intellectual property

Our trademarks have been successfully defended many times.

Trademarks. Largest holder of Mindful Living® and mindfulness trademarks in the world. Trademarks are for three areas of income for each Mindful Living® category which includes television/video, educational classes, seminars, webinars, and educational materials such as books, pamphlets, CD’s etc

Domain names. The largest holder of Mindful Living and mindfulness domain names in the world. We have domain names that match each Mindful Living category.

3. The Mindful Living Network® App


4. Original Content

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Channels
  • YouTube Channel
  • Podcast
  • Alter Your Life® Reality Show
  • Books

5. Affiliation and co-branding with Dr. Kathleen Hall and The Stress Institute®

Our Future Vision – Revenue Streams

The Mindful Living Network® scaled to different platforms through purchase or investment. The revenue streams are limitless with investment.

Why Our Story Is Important

Kathleen, The Founder’s Story

The Unmindful Life Transformed

  • An Unmindful Life

    I had all the trappings of success measured by our culture. As a stockbroker at a Wall Street firm, I was set on a model of doing everything faster and better than any of my competitors. My life was very well calculated and moving at a planned, orchestrated pace, when one day—in a split second—everything stopped.I had landed at the airport as usual early Monday morning and grabbed a cab to the World Trade Center. I got out of the cab, entered the building, and headed for the elevator. All of a sudden, my chest was so tight I could hardly breathe. We were all packed into the elevator as usual, but this time as it sped up to my office, I thought I was having a heart attack. I lurched off the elevator on the 104th floor and leaned against the wall. Little did I know that would be first panic attack of many to follow.

    Along with the panic attacks and insomnia, a new keen sense of awareness began to emerge. As I went to work each day, I noticed we all seemed to look and act like zombies. It felt like we were trained to do the same thing over and over again. I noticed how people were buying lunch from a sidewalk cart then mindlessly eating as they walked away. Everywhere I looked, everyone and everything began to look the same. It seemed as if we were all living in some trance. My well-designed life had started to unravel.

    Later, still in New York, I was studying for my commodity boards when I stumbled upon an old copy of Thoreau’s journal in the apartment where I was staying. I dusted off the front of the book, turned to the first page and it read:

    I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

    Little did I know his words would change my life forever. My initial response to that famous passage was shock, confusion, and an indescribably immense sadness. Was I living deliberately? Was I living a mindful life? How in the heck did I know what the essential facts of life were? And if I die tomorrow, have I really lived at all? Is living in the middle of this rat race really living?

    Thoreau’s words made me painfully aware that the course I had charted for my life was far from “mindful.” I had carved out an outwardly “successful” life, and it had become a prison of my own design. My life had nothing to do with my authentic self or with an awareness of my own desires and dreams.

    I knew nothing about the realities of living in nature, and the mere thought that nature held the possibility of teaching me something both intrigued and terrified me. A fundamental shift occurred in that moment, and I knew there was no turning back. I made a choice that day that would change my life dramatically and forever.