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Adorable Dog Plays Hide-And-Seek With Owner

Tasha loves playing outside, and she has mastered how to avoid being called back in from a beautiful, sunny day.  Watch as this adorable dog  plays a clever game of hide-and-seek with her owner! He keeps calling her to go back inside, but he’s going to have to find her first. Every time she doesn’t respond, he closes the sliding door and you see her cute little pointy ears slowly pop up behind a flower pot in the driveway.

Again and again she adorably hides behind a flower pot and pokes her head up when she hears the door close and thinks it’s safe to come out.
Her dad calls out “Tasha, where are you? Tasha?” Her cute hide-and-seek routine has her family in stitches! Thanks to Kelly Davenport Jackson who filmed the whole, hilarious moment on video!

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