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Adult Coloring Books Reduce Stress

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Whether you like painting or drawing, engaging in artistic projects can help you reduce stress. One particular coloring hobby that has gained popularity over the years is adult coloring books. Coloring in these books is a fun way to reduce stress and they come in a variety of designs.

Taking a daily coloring break can definitely help you reduce stress in multiple ways. You can take breaks by yourself or color with others like friends, your kids, or grandkids. You can use the time to meditate or reflect on your on issues that have bothered you during the day. You can also use the time to further your mind with educational podcasts.

Stress Relief Coloring Books

Interested in joining in on the fun? Listed below are four different types of the best adult coloring books you can use to reduce your stress.

  • Adult coloring books featuring animals. Whether you like wild animals like lions, wild horses, and elephants or prefer domesticated animals like cats there are a variety of adult coloring books to choose from. There are also adult coloring books based on ocean landscapes and sea creatures as well as flying butterflies.
  • Adult coloring books with pop culture references. Now that adult coloring books have grown in popularity, many have been designed based on popular television shows and celebrities. There are now some coloring pages based on David Bowie, the BBC series Sherlock and Doctor Who, and even Beyonce’s video album Lemonade.

Coloring books for grown ups are a form of art therapy that everyone can enjoy. Besides coloring books, you can try vision boards, photography, scrapbooks, and other art projects. Want some more art therapy ideas that can reduce stress in your life? Check out this Mindful article.

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