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Affects of Exercise on the Mind

Science has proven a connection between exercise and the brain’s performance. So why aren’t we doing even moderate exercise during the day to supercharge our mind? As a researcher, I’ve done my studies on school aged children and have lobbied congress for bills that would provide funding for physical education across our nation’s public school systems. Here is why the affects of exercise can help you change your lifestyle.

For adults, beyond the cognitive affects of exercise improving our ability to learn, it can also change our:
  • Stress levels
  • Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Aging
  • ADHD
  • Addiction.

I recently got back from a trip overseas, where I met with educators and politicians who “get” the link between exercise and health and the importance of “reintroducing” exercise to our youths today. As our cultures change, we sit in front of computer screens and our new cyber toys more and more each day. It’s a serious problem!

To strength brain functions, exercises such as aerobic dance can simultaneously train memory and trigger brain development. because of its complex movements. You want to reach “sweating effects” at least three to four times every week to maintain health.

Be mindful of your role as a “role model” to children. Engage your kids in exercise with you. Make it a family moment. Beyond better health, you will see the affects of exercise on your work and everyday performance.

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