Amazing Benefits of Family Exercising Together

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It’s “Exercise With Your Child Week.” Studies show families that exercise, eat meals and play together have stronger family bonds and are mentally and physically healthier. Our technological society has drawn our families into our homes in front of a screen instead of moving and playing together which creates health and happiness.

Families That Exercise Together Stay Together

There are many reasons why family exercise has amazing benefits. Listed below are just a few reasons.

  • Children’s brains grow with exercise. Researchers now show that when children exercise it affects their brain structure, which may create better academic performance. The researchers confirmed that physical fitness in children is associated with a greater volume of gray matter in several cortical and subcortical brain regions.
  • Family bonding. Families that exercise together build strong relationships. You are also creating rich, invaluable memories that will last a lifetime. Have each child and parent choose various fun exercise to keep exercising fun and different. Play bonds families together.
  • Develops great health practices. Teach your children the health benefits of exercise. Talk about its power to reduce depression, stress, anxiety and helps you sleep better. Exercise makes you happier mentally and physically stronger while warding off disease by strengthening your immune system.
  • Increases family communication. When you are moving, laughing and talking your families communications skills and intimacy grows. You will talk about what is going on in each other’s lives and share the ups and downs of life together along with getting needed wisdom and direction.