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An O.M.G. Moment Just Takes a Smile

We talk about the “Oh My God,” moments in our life and I can truly say I have just experienced an Oh My God moment.

Please gift yourself with a heaven on earth  moment by experiencing this short film piece. The film maker of this riveting piece is Louie Schwartzberg and the clip called Gratitude tells us what the “Oh My God” experience really means.

“Oh,” means you have an immediate sense of the Presence, your presence. You experience being purely “mindful.”

“My,” means you connect deep to your own soul. You are in the “gateway” to your soul.

“God,” means you are connected to the “One.” You are on your personal journey and this piece has put a magnifying glass on your life in this moment.

So I invite you to have an “Oh My God,” moment by watching this short gift that will open your heart and grace your soul.

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