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Anointing My New Car

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

After eight years I was so excited about getting a new car. I rescue and transport many dogs and cats so we chose a SUV that will hold the dog crates. Also one of my good friends is a quadriplegic and now we can put her wheelchair in the back of my car without taking it apart each time we get in and out of the car. The smell of a new car is so cool for the first months but mine lasted only a couple of hours.

Driving up to the house all my dogs got excited to see the new car. They jumped into the car so I took them for a short ride. About five minutes out on the road I smelled this awful smell and thought it was awful smelly chicken litter on the farmer’s pasture next to our farm. After parking the car in the garage and letting the dogs out I made an awful discovery. Luna, the German Shepherd, had horrendous diarrhea all over the back seat and floor of my four-hour-old car. The Buddhists teach non-attachment and that is the only thing I kept saying as my mantra as I cleaned and scrubbed for four hours. Luna anointed my car but not with oil.

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