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Apps for Spring Cleaning

by MLN Staff

Spring cleaning can be exhausting, even when you have Mindful tips to assist you. Sometimes the process goes a lot smoother when you have a sidekick to help out. Fortunately, with the right apps, you can turn your smartphone into an electronic spring cleaning buddy.

Listed below are a few Mindful spring cleaning apps that can help you get the job done.

  1. Organize your spring cleaning. In order for your cleaning to be successful, you’ll need to get organized. Keep track of the rooms you need to clean and the dirty objects in them with an app like Things. Also, consider taking inventory of the goods in your home with the Home Inventory app. It will help you keep track of the receipts, warranties, and manuals.
  2. Schedule your duties. Create your own cleaning to do list with apps like HomeRoutines and Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule. They allow you to create a cleaning checklist and set up reminder notifications.
  3. Gather the right cleaning supplies and tips. Need to remove a stain or clean an appliance? Consider the Good Housekeeping @Home app, which offered an electronic database full of home cleaning tips. And if you want to clean your home with eco-friendly cleaning solutions consider the Green Shine app. It offers over 200 green cleaning solutions that’ll clean your car, fridge, oven, and more.
  4. Spring maintenance and projects. There are apps that’ll help make sure that you’ve cleaned and checked every inch of your home. For instance, the House-Keeper app reminds you when to check the smoke detector, replace your fire extinguisher, clean the gutters, etc. The Home Maintenance app by BrightNest gives you ideas for DIY projects and offers handy maintenance tips like changing air filters and inspecting your basement.
  5. Get the kids involved. Trying to get your kids involved in spring cleaning can be a struggle, so consider a financial initiative. With apps like Chore Banks, you can set a monetary value to each chore. Then your kids can complete tasks and keep track of their allowance with a virtual piggy bank. Your kids can collect gold stars with the iRewardChart app. Or you can turn the chores into a game with the Epic Win app.

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