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How Free Are You, REALLY?

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Today’s question: “How free are you, really?”

July is the month of our country’s birthday which symbolizes freedom.

The Secret of Happiness is Freedom

Take this time of year to do a “freedom check-up” on your own life. When you are attached to things like financial status, material possessions, roles as a mother, wife, father, or husband, you can be living in bondage to them. The more attached you become to “things” or “identities” the more spiritual, emotional, and economic energy you have to exert to hold on to these attachments.

Since July is the month we celebrate our freedom, it’s also a great opportunity to evaluate your life and assess what creates bondage and freedom in your life.

Your Freedom Self Assessment 
  1. How free do you feel to be your authentic self in this world, with your friends, at work, and in your family?
  2. Have you sold your freedom for security in some relationship, job, or career?
  3. Do you encourage the people in your life to be free with their words and actions in your presence?

This July, join me in reflection as we inquire into the nature of the freedom of our own souls. How free are you, really?

Bonus. Looking for other self assessments or checkups? Check out this article with emotional health self assessment tips.

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.” – Carrie Jones

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