Dr. Kathleen Hall

Kathleen Hall is a world-renowned stress and mindful living expert. Businesses, the media, organizations, and individuals consistently seek her insights and advice on stress management and mindfulness. In addition to her corporate spokesperson roles, she has appeared on CNN, FOX News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Oprah, and many other lifestyle programs and publications. Author of four books, her latest Mindful Living Everyday, guides readers in achieving a daily practice of mindfulness.
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    • compliment day, compliment
      Compliment Day
      A nice compliment can make a person's day. It feels good when you are getting out of the elevator, walking down the street, or going into a restaurant and someone says, “I love your hair," or "That scarf is gorgeous."...
    • world thinking day
      World Thinking Day
      Sisters Unite For World Thinking Day! World Thinking Day is a time for young girls and women all over the world to come together and support one another. The day is led by the Girl Scouts and the Girl Guides....
    • friend, friends
      Make a Friend Day
      Have you heard the saying, “you can never have enough friends in life?”  That is a true statement. Is there someone in your life that you have wanted to know better? Call, email or walk into their office and ask...
    • Just Peach Ice Cream
      Ice cream is a yummy summer treat that the whole family can enjoy. Making you own ice cream is half the fun! Here is a mindfully delicious recipe for peach ice cream. Even though Georgia is well known as “The Peach State,”...
    • National Farmer's Day, Mindful Living Network, Mindful Living, Dr. Kathleen Hall, The Stress Institute, OurMLN.com, MLN, Alter Your Life
      National Farmer’s Day
      When was the last time you thanked a farmer? Every piece of food you put in your mouth was brought to your table by the hard work of a farmer. Many families commit their lives to serving you by working...

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