Dr. Kathleen Hall

Kathleen Hall is a world-renowned stress and mindful living expert. Businesses, the media, organizations, and individuals consistently seek her insights and advice on stress management and mindfulness. In addition to her corporate spokesperson roles, she has appeared on CNN, FOX News, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Oprah, and many other lifestyle programs and publications. Author of four books, her latest Mindful Living Everyday, guides readers in achieving a daily practice of mindfulness.

Single Awareness Day

It is Single Awareness Day, a time in which people celebrate their singlehood. Many people mistakenly consider Single Awareness Day to be about self-pity, but that’s far from the truth. This day is about self-empowerment; self-love

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the day of LOVE! So, today, ask yourself, “How much do I love myself?” Most of us will spend today showing love for others. But today celebrate both your

Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day The day before Valentine’s Day there is Galentine’s Day! What started off as a clever storyline on the NBC show, Parks and Recreation, has become a much beloved holiday. On Galentine’s Day women gather

National Wedding Month

February is the month of love and it’s also National Wedding Month. Weddings are beautiful occasions, but a lot of work and money goes into to these magical days. Fortunately, the right mindful tips can help

Live an Intentional Life®

In the introductory video of the Live an Intentional Life® series, you will be introduced to the ideas and concepts of living an intentional life. You will learn the benefits that come from living an intentional life and discover the simple tools of how to to accomplish this.

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