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Boost Your Energy Levels

You’re feeling sluggish and the day has just begun. You say to yourself: I need energy! What do you do? Most Americans will start pouring a second, maybe third, cup of coffee or reach for an energy drink/shot. However, there are healthier options to consider. Coffee is one of America’s…

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Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Are you tossing and turning in your bed or taking too long to drift off to sleep? Well, you aren’t alone. Luckily, there are many ways to sleep better. Want to learn how to sleep better? With a few sleep rituals or a natural sleep aid, you can drift off…

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Green Goddess Carrot Salad

This colorful carrot salad makes the perfect start to any summer meal. The Green Goddess dressing melts in your mouth while the carrots lend a sweet flavor to this salad. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Studies suggest that eating more antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, such as carrots,…

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Food Myth: Five Seconds Rule

Using the five seconds rule to save that tasty treat you dropped is tempting, but dangerous. Within those few seconds you can expose yourself to numerous food-borne illnesses. The origins of the five-second rule are unknown, but it has definitely caught-on. Jillian Clarke, winner of a 2004 Ig Nobel Prize…

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Add These to Your Summer Reading List

With lazy weekend evenings and afternoons lounging by the pool, summer is a great time to get some reading done. Catching up on the latest thriller or romance novel is great, but why not spend your valuable time reading for your mind and soul? Mindful summer reading is a great…

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Stress Busting Tips for Teens

Teens are more stressed than adults, according to a new study. A teen has so much going on in their lives. Teens care about the way they look, friends, school, social events, their future, and they can get overwhelmed or flooded by their busy lives. Here are a few stress-busting…

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Try the Presidential Book Challenge

Do you have a hankering for reading books? Not sure what to read next? With the U.S. presidential elections coming up in November now would be the perfect time to take on the presidential book challenge. Presidential Book Challenge This literary challenge, should you choose to accept it, is rather…

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