Bend Over More Often

Yoga Is for Everyone

Yoga means union of the body, mind and soul. We live in a chaotic world where we continually live in our mind and forget to reconnect to our body and soul. Yoga practice keeps you connected to yourself no matter what happens throughout your life. It is a practice that creates resilience for your mental and physical health. You can do yoga in your chair, in front of your screen, in your car or at work.

Simple Quick Yoga Reduces Stress

Yoga is an immediate stress reliever. Yoga reduces stress and depression. A new study shows that yoga breathing reduces chronic depression when many antidepressant medications do not. Yoga practice  improves the quality of sleep, boosts your immunity, eases migraine and chronic pain symptoms.

Research Shows a Regular Yoga Practice Improves Your Health

Harvard researchers found that eight weeks of daily yoga significantly improved sleep quality for people with insomnia. And another study found that twice-weekly yoga sessions helped cancer survivors sleep better and feel less fatigued. University of Washington researchers discovered regular yoga practice help stop food cravings.

Yoga in a Minute 

During your busy day memorize and practice specific yoga stretches at different places. First thing in your morning do your yoga stretches in bed before you get out of bed. In your car at a traffic light stretch for a moment looking at the ceiling and take a deep breath. At the next light move your head from side to side taking a deep relaxing breath. At work learn chair yoga and relax throughout your day. As you turn on your screen get on the floor and get stretching.

 Yoga Class Once a Week

When you go to a class you will meet an incredible group of people and hopefully a great inspiring teacher that will open your heart, mind and soul. If you do not have the time or money to go to a class go online and find a teacher. Many classes are free.

A regular yoga practice will transform your life. There are yoga teachers and wonderful sites online to learn yoga. I subscribe to and love my teachers there.


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