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Best Energizing Morning Rituals Ever

by Dr Kathleen Hall

Redesigning your life begins with your morning rituals. Are you tired of dragging yourself out of bed each morning as your alarm goes off, then into the shower then subsequently grabbing your quick cup of energizing java to get you started each day? The way you begin your morning shapes your day. Stop all the boring, stale rituals that keep you in the same rut.  Redesigning and energizing your life starts with creative, life-giving morning rituals that can set the stage for a meaningful, productive, enjoyable day.

Create Short Morning Rituals That Ignite Your Passion

Take some time this today to examine how you really want to start your day, the first day of the rest of your life.  What you love will spark and ignite your passion. Are you passionate about art, music, silence, animals, languages, reading, color, food, or water? Get a piece of paper and write down or draw what you love and then start to design your perfect, inspiring morning just for you.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Everyone is different; therefore each of us is inspired and energized by various practices. There is an old saying, “Different Strokes For Different Folks.” Below are some morning ritual ideas to get you started on your own path.

  1. Appreciate your home

Instead of rushing out of your home each morning, choose one item or place in your home to enjoy. You may have pictures, art, plants, books, porches, fabrics or a view that you are racing by each day of your life instead of stopping to appreciate the sanctuary you have created.

  1. Nourish your SELF

Take 5-10 minutes each morning to read some inspirational message or article. Find someone who inspires and you and read a short piece each morning to form your psyche each day. Alan Cohen’s daily inspirational books get me adjusted each morning.

  1. Plant therapy

Take a tour of your life-giving plants or porch garden each morning. Talk and listen to your plants. Watch them grow and develop your awareness as you experience the connection and peace your plants gift you with daily.

  1. Visit your personal pharmacy

Research continues to show that when we cuddle with a person or our animals, we get healthier and happier. Your body is the best pharmacy. Take 5-10 minutes to begin your day cuddling and experience powerful, healing, happy hormones such as oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

  1. Play something

Play your keyboard, piano, violin, flute or trumpet. Get your day started by revving up your mind, body, and soul with the instrument that brings you connection and joy.

  1. Serenity

You can always practice the tried and true nourishment that has been proven to heal and is a source of inspiration throughout the ages. There are meditation apps, classes, and teachers at enumerable locations online such as our own Meditation Room on The Mindful Living Network or on a destination I like named Gaia.

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