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Brownville’s “Food Pantry for Deer”

by Andrea Greengard
Brownville Food Pantry For Deer
Brownville Food Pantry For Deer

It’s the off-season for Brownville’s “Food Pantry For Deer”. When it’s active, approximately each day 400 pounds of food is set out in order to help sustain the white-tailed deer population through the cold winters of central Maine. At times there are 100 to 200 deer at the pantry. Wild turkeys also come and eat the native oats along side the deer.

Since it’s the off season, here is a clip made earlier in the season.

Who started the Brownville “Food Pantry for Deer”?

Richard McMahon has had hundreds of deer visit his Brownville Food Pantry For Deer every winter for the past 16 years.   He starts in December and continues until the end of March.

“Basically the biggest joy for me is to watch all the deer frolic, enjoy themselves, be healthy and have a safe place to live,” said McMahon. He’s had state biologists visit his home to make sure that his feed was adequate and that the deer weren’t a traffic hazard. Once those were checked he was given the okay to feed the deer that have given him some of the best views of mother nature’s performances.

When is this active?

From mid-December to April.

Want to donate?

All donations go to help feed the deer and for the cameras and related equipment. The Food Pantry For Deer is a nonprofit organization. EIN: 81-1458580

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