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Can’t Sleep? You’re Not Alone!

Do you stay awake even in the wee hours of the morning? Don’t worry—you are not alone. Over half the adult population is not getting enough sleep. They are staying awake, which, in the long run, is stressing them out. But not to fear, Mindful sleep tips can help.

Take Our Stress Test

Is your health in danger from the stress in your life? It could be. Take this simple, quick stress awareness test to find out.

  1. Throughout the day do you chronically say, “I’m exhausted?” Do you feel sluggish or lack energy?
  2. Do you find that you are forgetful or suffering from frequent bouts of memory loss?
  3. Do you constantly worry, feel frustrated, or feel angry?
  4. Have you experienced recent weight gain or weight loss that is out of the ordinary for you?
  5. Have you got up multiple times during the night?

4 Stress Related Disorders and Health Conditions

If three of these questions apply to you and your life, you may have an increased risk of depression, anxiety disorders, and diseases and other conditions because of your stress levels. Further information about these conditions is listed below, as well as Mindful tips.

  • Insomnia. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, one in three people suffers from at least a mild form of insomnia. Stress disturbs your sleep and affects your immune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems.
  • Memory. Experts say that memory loss affects ten to twenty percent of older American adults. Scientific research tells us that chronic stress directly affects our memory and the brain.
  • Anger, anxiety, and worry. Constant worry and anger can cause stress hormones to be released that increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and other diseases. Stress hormones and lack of sleep can also exacerbate anxiety disorders.
  • Weight gain. Obesity is a common issue among Americans. And according to the National Institutes of Health 68.8 percent of adults are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, Chronic stress produces the hormone cortisol in your body causing you to not only gain weight but also makes it more difficult to lose weight.

These health conditions do not have to affect your life. If you can’t sleep or aren’t getting enough sleep, consider the following Mindful articles.

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