Simple Meditation Guide

Meditation is So Simple Many of us are living mindlessly these days instead of mindfully. Mindful Moments are when you stop your mind, body and […]

Writing Your Own Anxiety Prescription

Writing can reduce stress. According to experts from PsychCentral, writing engages your left-brain, which is known for critical thinking and logic. Writing distracts your left-brain […]

Great Reasons To Use Aromatherapy

The Ancient Use of Aromatherapy Aromatherapy has been used by humans since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures used aromatherapy for medicinal healing, for worship rituals, […]

How common are anxiety disorders?

Over 20 million Americans are afflicted by anxiety disorders, ranging from panic attacks to general anxiety and phobias. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) […]

Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy Has Ancient Roots Humans have used aromatherapy practices since ancient times, for medicinal healing and worship rituals. Our ancestors knew aromas had a great […]

The Surprising Benefits of Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy Is Medicine It’s almost Spring and Mother Nature is beckoning you to get outside and join her majesty today. With good reason too, because […]

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7 Tips to Stop Worrying Now

Are You Worrying Yourself Sick? You can literally worry yourself sick.  You may worry over everything from your bank account balance, to your kids picking […]

Anxiety and Depression As Bad As Smoking

New Study Shows Your Mental Health Is As Important As Unhealthy Habits When assessing your health, we physicians are always concerned with the standard issues […]