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Meditation is Medicine?

Emerging scientific meditation research shows that there are many health benefits of meditation (also known as relaxation response). In fact, it has proven benefits in […]

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Too Anxious to Meditate?

Celebrate National Meditation Month It’s National Meditation Month. Many of us believe we are too anxious to learn to meditate. It is as simple as […]

Be Mindful of Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is one of the growing causes of death in America. Taking mindful steps to reduce your risk can […]

Simple Meditation Guide

Meditation is So Simple Many of us are living mindlessly these days instead of mindfully. Mindful Moments are when you stop your mind, body and […]

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Are Your Teens at Risk of Hypertension?

A study by the lead author, Dr. Kathleen Mullan Harris, a professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, revealed that 19 percent, about one […]

The Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an integrative medical approach to healing various conditions in the mind and body. This practice involves inserting thin needles into the skin or […]