Cyber Monday: Are You Still Spending?

After you’ve shopped to your heart’s content from Friday to Sunday there is still one more day filled with deals: Cyber Monday. Forget the busy lines and the cold weather–instead, enjoy getting great deals on holiday gifts from the comfort of your own home. With a few tips, you can…

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Holiday Breakfast – Cheesy Spinach Quiche

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are all preparing for that perfect family meal to cheer. But have you thought of thanksgiving breakfast?  Try our family’s favorite recipe: cheesy spinach quiche. This is a delicious, nutritious, and easily made breakfast treat that you can serve with a side…

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Celebrate Native Culture

At this time of year, millions of people recount the tale of the first Thanksgiving and there’s usually a great focus on the first pilgrims. As this month is Native American Heritage Month, it’s time that we celebrate the significant contributions Native Americans have made to this country. The history…

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How To Avoid Holiday Guest Stress

Creating a stable, safe, kind home is the key to a great guest visit. Holiday gatherings can be tense. This year after midterm elections people may be more volatile and stressed than ever before. Also remember that you really have no idea what people are going through, whether it’s your…

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Start a New Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is coming up. For most families, this is a time to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, eat sweet potato pie, and share what we’re thankful for. This year, in honor of Family Stories Month, switch things up a bit! This year start a new Thanksgiving tradition and share family…

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5 Mindful Holiday Tips

The winter holidays bring people together, but they can also bring stress and anxiety. Stop feeling overwhelmed and try these mindful holiday tips. For a healthy holiday you must learn how to relieve stress. Five of the top holiday stressors are shopping, traveling, insomnia, seasonal depression, and unhealthy eating habits.…

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Thanksgiving Sandwiches

Got a ton of leftover food from Thanksgiving? Don’t know what to do with it? Try revamping your previous meal into a whole new creation with tasty Thanksgiving sandwich, crescent roll, and quesadilla recipes. To make these recipes you’ll need additional ingredients, such as bread, mayo, and cheese. But the…

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The In-laws are Coming! Are You Ready for a Thanksgiving Reunion?

Thanksgiving reunion, the holiday of togetherness and appreciation, is upon us. This means that some of us will be spending time with our in-laws. Whether you’re a newlywed or have recently celebrated your 20th anniversary, getting along with your in-laws is a delicate balance. #1 Tip for Keeping the Peace…

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