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Caring For Our Military

Military families are our nation’s unsung heroes. They make sacrifices and carry on through long separations from their loved ones, and they don’t get enough recognition for it. In honor of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, it’s time that we changed that. This year use care packages and greeting cards to…

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Honor Our Veterans Today and Every Day

Veterans Day is a time in which we honor the courage and strength of our 19.3 million veterans and their families. However, one day isn’t enough to honor their sacrifices. With Mindful tips, we can celebrate and honor our veterans and women today and every day. The history of Veterans…

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Fall Inspired Gift Ideas

From birthdays to house parties, picking the right gifts for your loved ones can be difficult. If you’re feeling stuck consider presents with a seasonal theme. They make great gifts for anyone on any occasion. The fall inspired gifts may bring up many fond memories of campfires, hayrides, corn mazes,…

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Boost Your Immune System For Fall

Fall is here and so are the many challenges that can lower your immunity such as the flu, colds, and stress. Stress has an immediate and long-term effect on your immune system and can compromise your health by reducing your immunity. This simple, easy to remember acronym, S.E.L.F. Care, will…

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Make Your Own Fall Air Fresheners

Fall is literally just around the corner. If you want to give your home a distinct fall scent, skip the chemical pumpkin spice air fresheners and make your own green air fresheners: potpourri.  Air Fresheners vs. Potpourri Despite their name, typical air fresheners do not “freshen” the air. Their primary…

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6 Mock Tails for Autumn

Fall is a season full of delicious flavors and yummy desserts—from pies with crisp apples to buttery pumpkin spice lattes. If you want a little taste of autumn without having to bake a whole dish, consider enjoying these mock tail for autumn instead. Listed below are six delicious mock tails…

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Prepare Your Skin for Fall

Cold weather is fast approaching. How prepared is your skin? Dry winters and stress can contribute to inflamed skin conditions. Fortunately, you can prevent winter eczema symptoms and protect your skin with home remedies for eczema. We’ve got five Mindful winter skin care tips to help with your stress and…

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Create Your Own Fall Altar

The fall is a season of change, with the brisk breeze across your face and the sound of the dry leaves whispering in the wind. It’s also a time for reconnecting with your spirituality by reconnecting with nature. Fortunately, you can do both by creating a fall altar. Fall is…

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