4 Tips for Exercise Motivation

Are you already struggling to keep up your exercise routine? Don’t fret! There are Mindful ways for you to stick to your exercise plan and see your summer body come through. 4 Mindful Tips for Exercise Motivation  Curate a Personalized Workout Playlist Do you like to listen to music while…

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Bend Over More Often

Yoga Is for Everyone Yoga means union of the body, mind and soul. We live in a chaotic world where we continually live in our mind and forget to reconnect to our body and soul. Yoga practice keeps you connected to yourself no matter what happens throughout your life. It…

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Couch Potato Exercises 101

Watching television is fun, but it can make you sick. Being a couch potato can lead to serious health problems, including neck strain, tight hips, and an increased risk of colon cancer and heart disease. Fortunately, there are couch potato exercises you can do while you’re watching television. Finding time…

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Fall Back Into Fitness

The first day of fall is nearly here and that means warm baked goods, Halloween candy, and thick slices of turkey. Fighting those extra fall pounds can be tricky, but there is a Mindful solution: incorporate fall activities into your regular exercise routine and fall back into fitness. Going for…

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Dance Your Way to Better Health

When your workout routine is exciting you are more likely to keep up your exercise regimen. This is why dancing is the perfect Mindful tip for improving your health. There are numerous health benefits of dancing. Dancing helps you loose weight and it builds up your upper body strength. It…

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Fitness Tips to Lose Winter Pounds

With the all extra seasonal activities like decorating, dinners and parties many people put workout sessions on the bottom of their to-do list. Yet, this is the time of year when we need to exercise the most. When we stop exercising between Thanksgiving and New Year’s there could be health…

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10 Exercise Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

Is exercising or getting healthy part of your New Year’s resolution? This year, achieve your health and fitness goals with these 10 Mindful exercise resolutions. A lot of Americans choose to make health-based resolutions. According to a 2015 Nielsen study, the top two resolutions for Americans were “staying fit and…

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