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      National Peach Month
      Did you know peaches came from China? Explorers took these delicious fruits to Europe and then to the United States. Peaches are full fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A.  There are many delicious, juicy varieties these days. Enjoy a fresh peach on your cereal, in a smoothie or over some low fat ice cream.
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      Uniting for Suicide Prevention
      When loneliness and despair overwhelms an individual, dark thoughts of suicide may seem like the only solution. But if we come together as a community and learn about this preventable health issue, we can help break this behavior in ourselves and others by being mindful of warning signs. Recent sad headlines, like the tragedy surrounding...
    • Craft Your Own Sun-Dyed Tee
      Harness the power of the sun to create personalized tee shirt designs. This is a fun, "green" project to do with your kids that does not involve chemicals or expensive supplies. How mindful is creating your own sun-dyed tee? Here's the quick science behind this mindful DIY craft . Linen is exposed to the sun,...
    • Combat Loneliness with Awareness
      The holiday season is all about bringing people together. In Australia, they have a whole week dedicated to it called Social Inclusion Week. This awareness week - November 19th through November 27th - is just one way many countries are trying to bring communities together while combating a serious contagion: Loneliness. The Health Consequence of...
    • Gifts for National Grandparents Day
      Our elders are the foundation of our families and have an integral part in modern American households. This September 8th honor these loved ones on National Grandparents Day. In 1979, President Carter first declared National Grandparents Day to recognize the “importance and the worth of the grandparents in our nation.” It’s traditional to give a gift,...

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