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      Green Trends of 2012
      As we jump into 2013, let’s take a moment to recognize the sustainable Mindful Green Living® accomplishments of 2012. Numerous media avenues have created lists that feature the best of the best when it comes to sustainability in 2012. Some...
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      March for Our Lives
      As adults, it’s our job to protect children, but when it comes to gun violence we have failed. The Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas shootings should have never happened in the first place, but even these horrific events couldn’t...
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      How Serious are Your Holiday Blues?
      The holiday season is about giving to others, but don’t forget that being kind to yourself is important for your emotional and physical health. The holidays aren’t exactly a joyous time for everyone. Psychiatrist, Dr. Norman Rosenthal, notes that it’s...
    • Straws Are an Environmental Crisis
      My friend, Laura Turner Seydel, has been an environmental Nostradamus, especially about the straw catastrophe, for many years. She has been foreseeing the crisis about straws unfolding before most of us ever heard of this bombshell. The straw disaster is...
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      National Day of Listening
      Do you consider yourself a good listener or does your mind race while others are talking? Do you interrupt others as they are telling their story or relating their experiences? Listening to another person is an act of grace. When...

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