LOL is the acronym for “Laugh Out Loud.” Laughter is the key to a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. We provide you a LOL moment to help you unplug and laugh.

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      Top 5 Romantic Destinations
      Thinking about taking a romantic holiday? There are tons of destinations options out there. Towns with historical significance and exciting nightlife to cities with picturesque landscapes and local romantic legends. In order to truly have a relaxing and romantic time,...
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      Heart-Healthy Broccoli and Leafy Green Soup
      American Heart Month is a time in which we must be mindful of our heart health and what better way to spread awareness than by making a delicious, heart-healthy meal for your loved ones? One yummy meal you’ll be thrilled...
    • national pie day, pie day
      National Pie Day
      When was the last time you had a delicious piece of your favorite pie? Today is the day for you to bake a family favorite. Or, for National Pie Day, consider baking a new recipe with the family. No matter...
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      How Serious are Your Holiday Blues?
      The holiday season is about giving to others, but don’t forget that being kind to yourself is important for your emotional and physical health. The holidays aren’t exactly a joyous time for everyone. Psychiatrist, Dr. Norman Rosenthal, notes that it’s...
    • Straws Are an Environmental Crisis
      My friend, Laura Turner Seydel, has been an environmental Nostradamus, especially about the straw catastrophe, for many years. She has been foreseeing the crisis about straws unfolding before most of us ever heard of this bombshell. The straw disaster is...

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