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Father Figures In Action

Father’s Day is just a few days away, so in honor of this day we want to celebrate all father figures. Whether it’s a father, […]

5 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

1. They Motivate Us To Start The Day I don’t think any of us enjoy waking up from a sound sleep by our alarms clocks, […]

Cutest Daddy and Daughter Lip-Sync

Watching this daddy and daughter duo would put the biggest smile on anyone’s face! Justin Wesson and his little girl Myla lip sync to ‘Girls […]

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Cut the Baloney out of Your Life

“Sometimes you have to unfriend and unfollow in real life.” We couldn’t have said it any better! Being Mindful of who you allow to be […]

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Flu Season!

Summer has just about ended and flu season is already among us. While there is nothing fun or funny about getting sick, Ellen DeGeneres puts […]

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Baby Got Class!

It’s almost the end of summer and the beginning of a brand new school year! To help celebrate the kids going back to school check […]

Let’s Hug It Out!

If you are an animal lover, you’re in for a big treat! This video compilation of animals hugging humans will tug at your heart. These […]

what the fluff challenge

What The Fluff Challenge

The What The Fluff Challenge has taken over the internet! All you need is a blanket, a doorway, and your four-legged friend to play. It’s […]