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Guided Meditation Sessions

Step inside The Meditation Room® to discover the key to serenity with these guided meditation sessions. Here you will find videos of guided meditation sessions where you can meditate with world renowned mindfulness meditation teachers while also experiencing different types of meditation. We would love to hear your opinions about your experience or what new teacher you would like us to feature. Please let us know your thoughts at


Meditation for Moms

No matter how your mind races, overwhelmed you feel, or how long your to-do list is, you can set aside this time to destress and become present in your life. Meditation helps you develop greater awareness and calm in your own life and the life of your child. We invite you to take the time to find stillness each day. Only you can create a rhythm in your life that will create mental and physical health, happiness, and love.

Meditations for Children

Teaching your kids meditation as a tool encourages lifelong, healthy habits with innumerable benefits. Meditation improves your child’s ability to focus and learn in the classroom while also boosting your child’s mood. Kid’s meditation improves sleeping habits and helps to regulate emotions, reactions, and responses, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety levels. Meditation for kids also helps create better mental and physical health, emotional regulation, and happiness.