Chaser: The World’s Smartest Dog

Chaser is a Border Collie with the largest tested memory of any non-human animal. She can identify and retrieve over 1000 toys by name. The […]

Turnip the Dancing Tortoise

This video of a ‘dancing’ tortoise is sure to make your day! Enjoy this video of a tortoise named Turnip “dancing” while she gets a […]

Guide Horse

Let a Guide Horse Be Your Guide

Pinocchio said “Let your conscious guide horse be your guide”. But what about letting a guide horse be your guide? Almost everyone has heard of […]

Amazingly Smart Dogs

Amazingly Smart Dogs

We hope you enjoy this video compilation of some amazingly smart dogs. You won’t believe some of the tricks you’ll see them do. Try not […]

frozen pet treats, pet treats, homemade pet treats,

Frozen Treats for Pets this Summer

Summer is here and depending on where you live, this hot weather is not letting up. While you look for ways to cool down, don’t […]

health benefits of being a pet owner, benefits of pet ownership, living with pets

5 Ways Pets Boost Your Health

Your Best Friend A pet is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, pet owners quite literally feel the love. In fact, for over […]