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A Mindful Athlete® cultivates the awareness that is essential to integrate the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your being to become a great and happy athlete.

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      National Cheese Day
      Do you love a great cheese? Cheese gives us energy and it is filled with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, B vitamins, (including riboflavin, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12), minerals, zinc, and phosphorus. Cheese is the perfect snack for instant...
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      Top 5 Romantic Destinations
      Thinking about taking a romantic holiday? There are tons of destinations options out there. Towns with historical significance and exciting nightlife to cities with picturesque landscapes and local romantic legends. In order to truly have a relaxing and romantic time,...
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      Heart-Healthy Broccoli and Leafy Green Soup
      American Heart Month is a time in which we must be mindful of our heart health and what better way to spread awareness than by making a delicious, heart-healthy meal for your loved ones? One yummy meal you’ll be thrilled...
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      Managing Your Time at Work
      Ever wondered when or even if time will ever be on your side? Instead of stressing over it, try taking a more mindful approach at managing your time at work. According to a survey, the average American employee wastes 2.09...
    • Earthjustice: Lawyers for Mother Earth
      With global warming and our continued dependence on oil, the future of our planet doesn’t look bright. Fortunately, there are environmental groups like Earthjustice that are doing their part. Philip Berry, Fred Fisher, Don Harris, Mike McCloskey, and Edgar Wayburn...

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