Socially Responsible Shopping

A few years ago some considered corporate social responsibility a hot trend that was far less than a profitable. Luckily, a recent study on responsible shopping shows that nearly half of global consumers are likely to pay extra for products and services if the company gives back to society. Global…

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get paid to save the world, green jobs, environmental

Green Jobs : Getting Paid to Save the World

Despite the weak job market, there is one field that continues to be in-demand: environmental jobs. Getting paid to save the world has never been easier with this green jobs. More companies are “going green,” creating niche job opportunities. According to research from the White House, other occupations will only…

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rebel gardening movement, Incredible Edible, self sufficient town,

Incredible Edible: The Start of a Self-Sufficient British Town

In West Yorkshire, England there is a quaint town called Todmorden. A few years ago they started a program called Incredible Edible with a unique mission. They plan to be a self-sufficient town, growing their fruits and vegetables, as well as keeping their own livestock, by 2018. Incredible Edible was…

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community libraries, importance of library

What is Happening to Our Libraries?

With free information online and the rising popularity of e-books, many people question the significance of community libraries. Unfortunately, they’re overlooking the importance of library services in our communities. Community libraries have been a great source of information since 1833 when our nation’s first tax-supported public library was founded in…

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boston marathon bombing

I am Stressed About the Boston Marathon Bombing

Many people are still reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing, another devastating terrorist attack. The process of grieving on a national scale is a surprisingly intimate thing. There is no difference between the grief of an individual and a nation (just on the larger scale). And as with any process, the…

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Autism Awareness Month

National Autism Awareness Month

Mindful communities and support groups provide participants with the tools they need to live full and rich lives despite the challenges. And, most importantly, support groups remind us that we’re not alone. April is National Autism Awareness Month and support groups across the country are dedicated to reaching out and…

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