apple pies

Easy Apple Pies

While nothing beats the taste of fresh apples, this delicious recipe for apple pies just might. It combines cinnamon and all spice with fresh apples, creating yummy tasting apple pies that will help you kick-start the fall season. Apples are a delicious and nutritious fall fruit. Researchers found consuming Red…

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cardamom, rice pudding, national rice month

Cardamom Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is an old fashioned treat and a sweet alternative to oatmeal in the morning—it also makes for a nice dessert as well. This updated recipe for rice pudding features two yummy ingredients: cardamom and coconut. It’s a delicious way to celebrate National Rice Month. The Nutritional Benefits of…

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cherry, cherry pies, mini cherry pies, national cherry month

Bite-Sized Cherry Pies

Everyone loves a bite-size sweet snack. They are easy to make, great for portioning your sugar intake, and fun to share. February is National Cherry Month and Great American Pie Month. Celebrate both holidays with homemade mini cherry pies. Cherries are sweet, delicious, and a great source of vitamin A,…

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chocolate torte, dark chocolate, gluten-free

Gluten Free Chocolate Torte

February is the month of love, so it’s the time to truly appreciate the health benefits of chocolate. And making a chocolate torte is a great start to a delicious month. Would you believe that chocolates, especially dark chocolates, are beneficial in moderation? The flavonoids found in cocoa beans are…

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Fall Pumpkin Muffins

Nothing says Halloween like the pumpkin flavored goodies. Fortunately, making your own is rather easy to do. If you are in the mood for delicious pumpkin muffins, try this Mindful recipe. Want to include more pumpkin in your diet? It’s a great idea. Pumpkin is an excellent source of the…

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Yummy Pumpkin Cookies

Now is the time for all things pumpkin, from pies to lattes. This season, give pumpkin cookies a try; they’re a different sweet pumpkin treat. We could all benefit from adding more pumpkin to our daily diet. Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene, and it can reduce the risk of cancer, protect…

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blueberry month, blueberry, blueberries, antioxidants, brain berries, stress, blueberry cobbler

Yummy Simple Blueberry Cobbler

July is Blueberry Month so what better way to celebrate than with a blueberry cobbler. Blueberries are called “brain berries.” They slow aging, reduce stress, and depression. Blueberries create neurogenesis. This delicious fruit grows brain cells and helps relax you. They are loaded with antioxidants and have a host of…

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