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Watch as Dr Hall explains the concept of a ‘mindful family’ in this short video

Mindfulness practices both strengthen and enrich your family relationships. They also help to increase everyone’s mental and physical health while deepening connections. Eating, playing, working and sharing life’s challenges are all part of life’s precious journey together and help create a Mindful Family®.

They say you can’t choose your family and while that may be true, you can do everything in your power to make it the best family it can be. Full of helpful, thoughtful and mindful tips, these articles are meant to help strengthen your family as a whole.

Beatuiful and Bald Barbie, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

A Bald Barbie for Cancer Patients

At 53 years old, Barbara Millicent Roberts (aka Barbie) is one of the most popular brands at Mattel, Inc. While an iconic toy, Barbie...
Alleviating Stress as a Family, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

3 Phrases to Get Your Child to Instantly Listen

Have you ever wished you had the perfect words to say when your child misbehaved?  How many of you have had the experience where...

Simplify Your Life With Your Kids

Very often families come to me because of a child’s behavior issue and usually, the cause of the behavior is just an outward sign...

Mindful Gift Ideas for Tweens

When it comes to young teenage trends they’re here for one minute and gone the next. Knowing what to buy that special tween in...
Good Morning Routines For Working Moms, Mindful Family,Mindful Living Network, Mindful Living, Dr. Kathleen Hall, The Stress Institute, OurMLN.com, MLN, Alter Your Life

Good Morning Routines for Working Moms

For many working moms getting up and out in the morning is one of the biggest struggles, since mornings can bring out the worst...

Nothing Good About Being a Supermom

Most mothers are becoming supermoms. Being a supermom is someone that can perfectly balance work and home-life responsibilities. It's being the PTA mom-of-the-year to...
Reduce the Weight of Heavy Backpacks, Mindful Family

Lighten the Load: Reduce Heavy Backpacks Weight

Do you find yourself wondering when your kid's heavy backpack became as big as them? You are certainly not alone. Schools systems around the...
Easing your Children's Stress during Crisis, Mindful Family, Mindful, Mindful Living Network

Easing Your Children’s Stress During a Crisis

Disasters are stressful for everyone and can be especially so for children there are several ways for easing children's stress. Hurricane Irene swept across...

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