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Insomnia is a devastating condition. Research shows us that insomnia is a driver for all mental and physical diseases and conditions. Sleep is critical for the health, nourishment, and aging of our minds and our bodies. The fast-paced, overstressed, social media world we all live in is driving our brains into overdrive. As a result this overstimulation fuels insomnia. Our articles and information below will help you optimize opportunities for better mental and physical health, your overall well-being, and of course, sleep!

Below you will find information and articles containing tips, such as specific foods that help you sleep better and other reference materials. You’ll also find supportive care, exercises, and insomnia home remedies to help support your journey towards ending those sleepless nights.

Spices that Fight Cold and Flu

Feeling under the weather? Instead of searching your medicine cabinet for a remedy, have you ever considered checking your spice rack? Lots of herbs...

Go Out and Touch Someone

Science tells us that humans are healthier and live longer when we live as a community and are close to one another. There are...
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Unusual Reasons for Heartburn

Are you experiencing frequent heartburn, but donÔÇÖt know why? Your doctor may suggest that you reexamine your diet as heartburn is commonly caused by...

Breaking Bad Habits for Good

Habits are a part of life; they make us who we are. Forty percent of our daily actions are habits; however, not all of...
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Hypnosis Therapy

Most peopleÔÇÖs first impression of hypnosis comes from movies, televisions shows, and magicians. ItÔÇÖs stereotypically portrayed as mysterious magic or as a means to...
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Meditation is Medicine?

Emerging scientific meditation research shows that there are many health benefits of meditation (also known as relaxation response). In fact, it has proven benefits...

Your Brain Loves Vitamin B6

This Pandemic is Damaging Your Brain. Your brain is the most prized real estate of your body. Your precious brain needs your attention now more...
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The Gift of Relaxation

Research shows massages reduce stress, relax your muscles and give you an immune boost. Researchers measured immune function in healthy adults who received a...

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