Celebrate Irish Heritage!

In communities around the country, St. Patrick’s Day is a time of festivities and parades. But the celebration of Irish culture doesn’t begin and end with this Catholic holiday. For over 25 years, Americans have celebrated Irish culture all month long. In 1991, Congress officially proclaimed March to be Irish-American…

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sugar addiction, sugar cravings, sugar crash

Beat Your Sugar Habit

Sugar is an energy source that’s fine in moderation; however, many Americans have a tendency to overindulge. Unfortunately, a sugar addiction can be a hard thing to shake. If you have sugar cravings and you want to avoid a sugar crash, you’ll need Mindful tips to beat your sweet addiction. How…

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“Be Your Own Valentine”    

It is difficult to know intimacy with another person if you don’t have it with yourself first. Intimacy is the ability to experience love, acceptance, and a sense of wonder within you. Intimacy invites you into the realm of vulnerability, surrender, forgiveness, and acceptance of the essence of who you…

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stop worrying, stop the worry habits, tips to stop worrying

Stop Worrying with These 7 Tips

We can literally worry ourselves sick.  We worry over everything from our bank account balance, to our kids picking up some strange disease or worse yet, strange friends. The reality is more than 90 percent of our worries never happen. It’s when our concerns become constant worry that they can…

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Be Your Authentic Self

Are You Living an Authentic Life? In society, we may experience the philosophical and spiritual gurus continually calling each of us to live an “authentic life.” The word authentic means original, not false or copied–it’s genuine, real. Living an authentic life is an essential human desire and goal that drives…

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